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I grew up all over the US:. Experience wife university I met in challenges school in Indiana and english two sons were born in Indianapolis. Our eldest university was the first true Georgian in the adjusting and we adopted our youngest daughter from China. She has been an enormous blessing to our family! During my college years, I had the benefit of working in the restaurant industry.

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Many of us fall into the trap of doing the stereotypical things which are expected of us as students. I know when I started university two years ago, I thought that drinking is all that there was to university life and experience. One of the main and overlooked aspects of the university experience is learning to be an independent and responsible young adult. From doing the grocery shopping, to managing the play and studying time to arranging that skype call with your best friend to getting around to finally making that GP appointment. The fun part about university life and experience is getting to try out things that are perhaps out of our comfort zone. Or you can perhaps join Forge Radio and present a show to help with boosting your confidence as well as making friends.

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Butterflies in my stomach, that feeling of crossing streets alone and taking the Jammie without even knowing where exactly it was going to take me all felt terrifying. There were mixed feelings about the course I signed up for, the university I was sitting in, and whether I was cut out for this university life. Today, as I write this essay baffled in the attempt to figure out where these last 7 months have gone, I realized that university has shaped me into an independent person ready to cross any hurdle in my path. It taught me that I am cable of more than I think I can do, and I can push myself to higher limits to achieve greater things.
In this modern era, there is an ongoing deliberation among people on the importance of the university degree and the university life. While some people claim that university degree is more important compared with the university experience, on my point of view I think that university experience is more important compared with the university degree. In this essay, I shall discuss factors strengthening my argument while analyzing both advantages and disadvantages of university experience. First and foremost, students can experience myriad number of advantages to their life such as getting exposure to different culture and they can learn some other subjects from the university.
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